Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How We Spent Feb 14

aka Valentine's Day. Aka, according to Sylvia, Singles Awareness Day. Regardless, we spent it planning our funerals.

Okay, so maybe a little background is necessary. Their dad's mother died recently. Thanks to their aunt, they were able to attend the services. Riley made up with X, and I'm glad because I knew her anger, though completely understandable and frankly a good form of self-protection, was weighing her down. They got to re-connect with X's family, and they got to say good-bye.

On Saturday, we got to talking about the service and she was relieved that there was no drama about it. I said it was probably because her wishes were known and carried out. So then we talked about what I would want, then what Sylvia and Riley would want. We wrote things down and the girls saw my will and we talked about possible changes after Sylvia's 18 birthday. We actually ended up laughing a lot.

Not to say that it's a laughing matter, but consider this my latest PSA on taking care of this business already! If you don't have a will yet, by all means, get one. If you have children, married or single, guardianship wishes have to be specified. If your children are now grown, it may be time to re-visit and update.

I'm also glad that the girls now know where the will and other important paperwork is. They're old enough now, and they're glad they know, too.

Of course, they also understood why I wasn't as willing a participant in discussing their own services. We all hope I won't be around for those!

So now that the love-fest or what have you is over, it's time to focus on what really matters: ensuring drama-free funerals for all!

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