Wednesday, January 7, 2015

US National Singles Day

How exciting! US is having its own National Singles Day on January 11!

Many ways to participate:

  • Join the party in West Hollywood
  • Sign the petition to make it an official American holiday
  • Volunteer or become a sponsor for a National Singles Day event
  • Simply take a moment to reflect on what you love(d) about being single and/or what you love about your single friends (50.2% of American adults are single, according to the US Census Bureau)
  • Do something that you love to do solo

Over the New Year's weekend, I was able to finally get some time to do many things I enjoy alone. Binge-watching, dancing in my living room, listening to podcasts, making things I love to eat, belting out some showtunes. My girls were home for most of it, but they also enjoyed their own solo activities and then we'd come together for a while, and then go back to our rooms. It was exactly what all of us wanted.

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