Friday, September 12, 2014

No Day but Today

Today is my 7-year blogiversary, which I have no business celebrating since I've barely blogged at all this year, but it was a good time to get back to it!

I suppose an update is in order. I am happily single again! As one friend put it, relationships - for the most part - result in a net negative. That sums it up for me.

I am also down to serving on just one Board.

I'm in downgrade mode because I want to actually enjoy my life, my loved ones and my activities to a more satisfying degree.

Sylvia is a senior this year. I have moved past denial and total freak-out and am in "just deal" mode at the moment. We have our good days and our bad days as I believe she is also in the "just deal" mode.

Riley is a freshman in high school. Most days, all is well. Some days, not so much.

I want to be there for both of them. Breathe through the bad, and enjoy the good. They are my first priority.

I want to be available to my friends. And I want need my downtime.

This summer, for a variety of reasons, was one of the most stressful in a very long time. I'm ready for fall.

I've been focusing on being quiet, on being still. I want to get back into blogging so that I can remember to step back and get the perspective that this activity gave me.

And as usual, chase that ever-elusive balance. 


Tara R. said...

Happy blogiversary. Seven years is impressive.
Both of your girls are in high school? That just tells me how long I've been following along with your stories. I do hope you'll be back writing regularly here... soon.

Kristine said...

Wow, both girls are in high school! That must be exciting :)

Bean is in grade three. And I'm newly single again too!

Maybe us blogger old-timers need to promise each other to update once a week