Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Plans & Mission Re-Visited

As I begin this process of taking stock (again), I thought I'd take a look at the Plans & Missions I'd posted almost three years ago. I'm re-posting some of it with updates:

1-2 Year Plan: For the most part, keep doing what I'm doing. Continue to volunteer and help out where I can on projects that I care about and believe in. Continue to build relationships and not be afraid to put myself out there. (Yes, I have a big mouth, but in person, it takes me slightly longer to speak up and I'm almost never the first to introduce myself to someone new. I need to get better at that.)

I think I can safely say that I accomplished my plan. I now volunteer regularly for three organizations. Last year, I logged over 100 hours, and this year, I've far exceeded that. I have met tons of new people, and have found that at events where I don't know a lot of people, once I make that first or second contact, then it gets a lot easier for me.

2-5 Year Plan: Begin the legal steps to create a 401(c)3 for the benefit and support of single parents and single parent families. Start small projects to start getting the name out there, and write grant applications.

This has not gone exactly as planned, but I am writing grant applications now. I don't think it's realistic for me to create a non-profit while the girls are still in school. This will have to be moved to the 5-10 Year Plan, at the earliest. 

Before I create a new 1-2 Year Plan, etc., I should check in with my mission statement:

Mission Statement: My life is about people. They enrich me, and I want to do the same for them. And see a lot of musical theatre.

Well, now I'm back in the musical theatre world, and I know I want to stay there. Maybe not always in its current form, but I like how it's fitting into my life now. The rest of the mission statement hasn't changed, and I do believe that I've been living it.

So here are the revised plans.

1-2 Year Plan:  Continue to build my grant-writing skills, continue my involvement with the current organizations, and finish my paralegal certificate requirements. Continue to write this blog and contribute more to MomsLA. Completely pay off one credit card.

2-5 Year Plan: Help the girls plan their futures after high school. Get involved with a legal non-profit to do pro bono work. Pay off the other credit card.

5-10 Year Plan: Start the process for the single parents non-profit with small projects and grant applications. Write a book. Build a vacation fund.

10+ Year Plan: Continue to build the single parents non-profit. Join the AARP and move into a senior community as soon as possible! Continue to work, but evaluate any possibility of retiring in my 70's. Travel.

Even though I didn't write it down for every plan, I do want to continue being involved with at least one or two non-profits a year, and keep theatre in my life somehow always.

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