Monday, January 14, 2013

Something Went Right (or a Week in the Life)

Last week, we were back in full swing.

Monday remained the challenge it always is; get up early and leave at 6:30 to take the girls to school, arrive at work and pick the priorities,  get Sylvia to her dance class in time (made it!), pick her up and start preparing for the next day.

I was so excited about Tuesdays this year. Last year, there was no free evening in our schedule, but this year, except for once a month for a Board meeting, Tuesdays are our free night. No dance class for Sylvia, no class for me, a night at home, yay! Except when we got home, we discovered that our wireless router wasn't working. Grr. After several attempts to fix it myself, give up and call customer support, and while they were able to fix it, I'm still resentful of that lost hour of my one free night.

Start my own school on Wed. Get there early to get to the bookstore. Another $300 on the credit card for the books. Get to class and find out that one of the books - worth $170 - was optional. After class, go back to the bookstore, who won't let me return the book because I haven't dropped the class, and it's listed as a "required" material. SO frustrating.

Thursday: deal with some unexpected work emergencies, go pick up Riley, who's had her own troubles. There's a new after-school coordinator, but only for a week, and next week, a new coordinator will start . This interim coordinator has decided to change everything for the one week she's here. That's not adding value, honey, that's just annoying everyone. Get into a bit of verbal back and forth with her, all the while biting my tongue from saying, "you're here for one week! Leave us alone!"

Get Sylvia, eat, take Sylvia to class a little bit early to attend an event, which was really fun, and wrapped up at the same time I had to leave to pick up Sylvia.

I hope that as we get used to the routine again, I'll remember to blog more than once a week!

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