Monday, December 17, 2012

All We Have is Each Other

I've written so many draft posts about my reactions to the shooting on Friday, and just keep deleting them. Like everyone else, I'm going through all the emotions: shock, anger, grief, to name a few.

I'm not going to pretend to have all the answers. No one does. And I'm going to refrain from chastising people who are lashing out on FB, their blogs or wherever. They're writing from a very raw place right now. I can't blame them for being where they are.

And I guess that's the message I have. Be where you are, and let others do the same.

This event is just as unthinkable as 9/11 was. And we're all trying to process something none of us should have to process.

There's going to be misplaced anger. There's going to be depression. There have been and will continue to be hurtful words, but as long as no one gets violent, they're just words.

I see all this hurt, all this sadness, and I remember how connected we all are. How our lives affect one another.

Of course, I'm me, so I can see the Sondheim song in this: "No one is alone. Careful. No one is alone."

I hope that we can get through this without forgetting it.  I hope that we can wake up every day, seeking not just to embrace the day, but being mindful of how our actions can affect others in our day.

Be someone's friend today. Not just in words, but in actions. Be there for someone today. And let someone be there for you.

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BigLittleWolf said...

"Be where you are, and let others do the same."

Excellent advice, April.