Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Birthday Post

Yes, it's that time again. Previously, I've done lists based on my age. 39 seems a little daunting for that task.

It was the year I turned 30 that I left X for good. It's been the decade of change for me. Which is I'm okay with telling the world my age.

I want it to be known that as hard as it was to overcome all the mistakes I made in my twenties, I did so. I want it to be known that I'm so much happier at 39 than I was at 29.

In my 20's, I learned all the hard lessons. In my 30's, the lessons have been (for the most part) fun and exciting. I like myself SO much better today than I did on my 30th birthday.

I'm not going to bother making goals because I like seeing how things have unfolded so far. I'm more confident in my ability to see "red flags" while still remaining open to new experiences and challenges. I have done so many things in the past 9 years that I never would've imagined and I'm proud of myself for that. I don't know exactly what this final year of this decade holds for me, and that's okay. I know it will be full of challenges and sameness and thrills, and that's more than enough.

Thank you for being part of my journey. 


Pippi said...

I have a feeling this will be me in a few years too. And that makes me happy. :) Thankyou so much for the support and encouragement you have given.

Nikki said...

Happy birthday!

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Tara R. said...

Happy Birthday! I hope this is your best year yet.

Missy June said...


Happy, Happy Birthday! I'm so glad that you love yourself and you have so very much for which to be proud. You're doing a great job of living a great life.

I hope you get to do something to celebrate you!


Anonymous said...

Happy B'day April!!!!

We're both like wine...we get better with age ;-)


Happy birthday sweet girl! Much love to you!

BigLittleWolf said...

Happy belated birthday. And I love your approach of waiting to see how things unfold...

Kim Tracy Prince said...

Cheers, April. My son turned 7 on April 10. I wish more than anything that he could avoid all the mistakes of growing up because I already made them. Alas.