Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Little Things

The week before last, it was car trouble. This past week, I was sick for most of it (it was so bad, I actually went three days without coffee!). Things have not gone as expected.

I'm not really a silver lining kind of girl;  I've accepted that life is usually about getting through one problem so you can get through the next. Having said that, there have been a few reminders that even when things are bad, they're still pretty good.

It's nice having the girls old enough, and kind enough, to help out when I'm not on top of my game. Riley was incredibly understanding of the times I needed to nap, the times I couldn't help her (though she hated not being able to kiss me). Sylvia was so helpful; she made dinner, took on some extra duties, and even went shopping for me. (They haven't shown any signs of getting my illness; another good thing.) They are, of course, very pleased that I'm finally beginning to feel better, and I'm sure they'll overcompensate next week. Still, it's nice to know that when needed, they can and will pick up the slack.

It's easy to get caught up in all the things I could (and should) be doing better, but I also realized how much I've already improved in the last few years. A few years ago, a sickness would've put me weeks behind in terms of household duties. There were still plenty of things that I managed to get done without even thinking about it. That right there is good motivation to just add little by little to our daily routines; it's the little things that make a world of difference.

As much as I bitched and moaned about having to spend money on the car, I was able to avoid the worst case scenario. I'm adjusting the budget as needed, and the beauty is, I can. Again, the little steps I've taken over the past year or so have made that possible.

What's truly amazing is, I was able to write all this positive stuff without the help of the happy pills (i.e., Vicodin).


Missy June said...

I'm so sorry you were under the weather. Your girls sound just wonderful to step in and step up where needed and it displays wonderful growth that you are able to accept the setback but remain positive! Thank you for the reminder to look for the positive.

Have a great week, I hope it is a better one for you.


BigLittleWolf said...

Goes to show - all those little steps do add up, and can pay off when you most need them!

Wishing you a good week - with no troubles of any kind.