Monday, April 11, 2011

It's All About Bacon

I had the chance to try a chocolate cupcake topped with bacon, sprinkled with cayenne. The chocolate was a little too sweet for my taste; I prefer my chocolate as dark and bitter as possible. But the bacon with cayenne: those flavors work really well together!

Sylvia is the bacon master in our house. I'm too scared of the spattering grease. For my birthday, she made the bacon; Riley made the eggs in toast. I love breakfast for dinner.

Too bad the girls aren't into spicy yet; I look forward to the day where Sylvia is willing to make bacon spiced with cayenne for me! Just hold the cupcake.

While I obviously don't post every day, I subscribe to The Daily Post, and when they suggested bacon as a topic idea, I couldn't resist!


Mandy said...

I love bacon too and one of my all time favorite packed lunch is a peanut butter and bacon sandwich. Yumm .. come to think of it, it's been way too long since I've had one.

Tara R. said...

Bacon, chocolate and cayenne! A trifecta of yumminess.

BigLittleWolf said...

There is nothing quite so wonderful as what our kids choose to do for us, to celebrate our "big" days or even other days, for no particular reason. SO happy you got bacon and eggs! (I get omelettes, and occasionally, a red balloon on the ceiling!)

These are genuine moments of joy.