Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Love Election Day, Hate campaigns

I voted and I've got that warm and fuzzy feeling right now :)

The morning of Election Day for me is full of possibilities. Even though I know that in the end, most politicians are the same, even though I know that not nearly enough will happen quickly enough for me, I allow myself to indulge in a little ignorant bliss on Election Day. That is, until the talking heads and pundits slowly chip away at it. Until some results come in that devastate me, until certain officials I elected (or didn't) say something that makes me want to spit nails, until the next election cycle...I give myself these few hours to bask in the glory of American democracy.

But I think what I'm celebrating even more than our civil liberties is the knowledge that I won't have to see another campaign commercial for at least 6 months.

The amount of money spent on campaigns drives me insane. I haven't checked for this election, but in 2008, in California, billions was spent on campaigns. Billions. Billions on those horrible, mean, sometimes completely dishonest ads. Billions where they don't actually tell you anything about where they stand on issues, but just try to beat each other up. Billions on style over substance.

I think about the homeless, the education funding lost, the millions without health care, those who lost their homes, those who lost their livelihood and it just seems so wrong. We have an abundance of wealth, obviously, but our priorities are so out of whack.

I am political, yes, but I don't give money to candidates. I don't have much in discretionary funds available and what I do, I will spend on my daughters, my loved ones, and me. Instead, I use my time to volunteer, to read candidates' platforms, to watch debates, to contribute ideas to the Club and the PTA. I will pass on info that I think is important, but I will not spend my earnings on these wretched campaigns that have nothing to do with governing.

So vote. Wear your sticker proudly. And enjoy a campaign-free America for a little while!


LunaNik said...

I didn't vote yesterday. I'm embarrassed to say it. Bad lunanik, bad lunanik.

Pippi said...

Thankyou for being involved. I voted, and wished I could have done more.

Cat said...

I was in Florida this election season and missed the absentee voting cut off. I'm glad we have democracy, but I hate campaign commercials. Especially with candidate's kids and parents.