Friday, May 14, 2010

Finally Friday

This week has sucked for the most part. A few good moments here and there, but mostly, it sucked.

Riley's friend got hit by a car, and it pisses me off because it happened when he and his mother were jaywalking across the street to school. We have a crossing guard!! WHY did they jaywalk? We think he'll be okay, but Riley is worried about her friend and is really hoping that he comes to school today.

Sylvia's choir concert was mostly an experience in hell that will be posted about at Parentella next week. And then there was this. I really really hate middle school.


Danielle said...

Oh, I hope he is ok too. I acn't imagine what his parents are feeling!

Tara R. said...

I hope Riley's friend is okay.

(Love this new theme!)

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with Riley's friend. I had a classmate who was hit by a car, in a crosswalk, while leaving school.. the car left the scene.

I have never seen so many teachers shaken up and in tears. And a friend's dad was captain of the fire squad who responded, and he barely kept it together.

I hope the weekend improves how your week is going!

MindyMom said...

I agree; the week sucked. Sorry to hear about Riley's friend. :(

Cat said...

Oh no, I hope her friend will be all right.