Thursday, July 9, 2009

I honestly forgot about this meme

MindyMom awarded me the lovely HonestScrap award, which comes with instructions to list 10 honest things about yourself. Part of me wonders if this implies that I've been less than honest in my other posts, but all I can do is assure you that I have! I'd completely forgotten about it, and haven't really come up with anything yet so let's see how this goes, shall we?

1. My latest fantasy is that President Obama asks me to participate in a single parents presidential task force. Seems my West Wing habit is getting out of hand!

2. Okay, I haven't told anyone this. I think I'm embarrassed about spending the money on it (I just piled it onto the credit card debt). I purchased the e-cigarette. I've only tried it a few times, and I can't decide if it's going to work for me or not. I love the concept, but the contraption gets too hot in my hand after a few puffs. And I think I need the cartridges that include nicotine because every time I "smoke" it, I need to have a cigarette afterward!

3. I'm 5'3". I used to be 5'2 3/4" but that just sounded stupid, so I'm glad I finally grew that 1/4"!

4. My memory sucks. There was one friend on Facebook that I knew I knew, but it took me forever to figure out just how I knew them! I mean, months. Embarrassing, but true.

5. I might feel a little guilt about this, but I can't get worked up about the elephants at the circus. So I took the girls to the circus.

And you can read my review at Examiner.

6. I told the girls they're not allowed to utter the name "Michael Jackson" ever again. That's how over it I am. Yes, he was a great musician. Sad that he died. I'm over it.

7. I tend to want to spend money like it's burning a hole in my pocket the most when I have the least. My finances are spread really tight over the summer, what with the extra costs in child care and yet what do I do? See #2. It's like when I see that I'm over the edge, I just want to jump over it already.

8. Writing that, it occurs to me that it's the part of me that's still self-destructive. For the most part, I've curbed that behavior, but I think this is where it still plays out for me.

9. As much as I want marriage equality for all, part of me is thrilled that I still have an excellent excuse to boycott weddings.

10. In response to my LA Moms post, Childhood Dreams and their parents' realities, hotmamamia asked my opinion on baby beauty contests. My answer is that I just don't get it. I don't understand telling girls at such a young age that they need make-up, hair extensions and fake eyelashes to be beautiful. I participated in plenty of talent competitions when I was young, but they were just that: talent competitions. I won by singing well, or lost because someone sang better than me. Other than looking professional, and wearing enough make-up to not have my face completely wash-out on stage, I didn't think about my appearance. And not being beautiful actually helped me land some roles that were my absolute favorites to play, like Gloria in Wait Until Dark. I would encourage any mother who wants to see their child shine on stage to absolutely let them audition for their local children's theatre group rather than enter them into a beauty contest!

And I now bestow this award to these bloggers (forgive me if you've already been awarded):

Jenna Byrd
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Kori said...

I liked your response to #10; it is much more diplomatic than mine would be, as my first thoughts are along the lines of "why in God's name do you deliberatley want to make your child look like a hooker?" But the general idea is the same.

Shit. Haven't I already divulged everything there is to now about me? But hey dudette: Blog. Fodder.

MindyMom said...

Great list! And you were chosen for your "Honest Scrap" ma'dear.

I love the "single parent presidential task force".

I had no idea you were such a shrimp.

I'm over MJ too and think I may be the only one who didn't watch the memorial.

I completley agree with #10 too.

FreedomFirst said...

Why thankyou! This was fun to read.

Tara R. said...

Amen to #6! It was sad, but there are so many other things going on in the world that are more important.

Totally agree with #10.

jenn said...

I love Kori's response to #10. I feel the same way. I watched Tantrums and Tiarra's on TLC one time and it was horrible! Poor kids.

I'm 5'2" and maybe 1/4, so you have me beat.

Shiona said...

Yeah I don't understand the beauty pageant thing at all. As for MJ I definitely didn't watch the memorial. I could listen to the songs all day but all this other crap I am so over...

It was fun to read your comments.

Clever Elsie said...

3. I'm 5'2" flat, so I guess I'm the shortest in this room. :O

6. I think I was over it before it began. I'm kind of shocked at how much of a circus it turned into. MJ made some really great, innovative pop music about 20 years ago and ended his career as a troubled fallen star. I'm not sure why he was treated like JFK or Princess Diana in death.

7. Oh, me too. {sigh} Me too.

9. Hah! I wish I could bring myself to boycott weddings. I so want to, but every time I'm invited to one, I can't bear to hurt my friend's feelings. I don't go if it's too far away or for someone I don't know well, though.

10. Gah! Don't get me started on all the sexist messages lurking in those baby beauty pageants! I love your suggestion to enter kids in talent shows or local theatre instead. Learning an art is so much more valuable than learning to model a puffy dress!

BTW, your daughters are adorable!