Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

It's 7:30 a.m. on a Monday morning, and I'm actually ready to go to work with time to spare! I'm not running around getting the girls breakfast or telling the girls to brush their hair...what's going on?

The girls are enjoying a couple of nights with my parents on Spring Break. Today, they'll be heading up to the snow. They're very excited, and I'm very content not to see snow (ever again in my life).

I'm especially appreciating the quiet after a hectic week last week. I attended both of the girls' Open Houses last week, which I wrote about at LA Moms. A quick sum-up would be that I just don't get the value of Open House.

Saturday, we kicked off Spring Break the same way with thousands and thousands of others: we went to Disneyland. Apparently, the happiest place on Earth is immune from any economic downturn. We managed to avoid most of the long lines by picking up Fast Passes for our favorite rides, and the girls had a blast. Here they are towards the end of the day:

We went with our cousin(ish - she's my cousin's daughter), which was especially nice since she knew where to find the margaritas at DCA. Also, she would go on Splash Mountain with the girls - I didn't want to get wet. We may never hit Dland without her again! The weather wasn't quite sunny, but it wasn't too cold, either.

Sunday, we took it easy before we went to my parents' for dinner and I enjoyed a quiet night to myself.

Sylvia's doing slightly better, emotionally. I realized a lot of things over the past few days that enhance my understanding of what she's going through. I think both the girls are getting more and more anxious as we near the end of the school year about whether or not they'll continue at the same schools next year. They understand all the reasons for the moves before, and hopefully, we won't have to do it again, but I won't make any guarantees to my kids about things over which my control is limited.

I didn't spend much time on the computer this weekend, so I'll be playing catch-up on my Reader. But don't count on me getting too far on that while I have the place to myself one more night!


Natalie said...

So, where were the margarita's? So jealous that you have Dland so close, then again, doing it as a vacation is very magical. We may be back again this year if the economy picks up and I am comfortable that I'll have a job for a while, "Jake" is already anticipating our next trip. You'll love this, he told me he might "face his fears" with the tower of terror again, and I had nothing to do with his change of heart. :)

won said...

Enjoy your time alone. It is so important to have a bit of that time to recharge and refuel.

I am glad that you have had some realizations about Sylvia, whatever they are. Knowledge is power.

FreedomFirst said...

Glad you had fun! Yeah, I'm sure the prospect of another school change would be upsetting at Sylvia's age. I'm already worrying about how Andy will react if we move away, and we don't even have plans yet. I jump ahead way too much. :(

Shiona said...

I remember in high school I changed schools three of the four years. I understand the anxiety attached to that.

Glad you get some time to yourself and were able to enjoy Disneyland. Ahh the joys of Spring Break.

I too do not see the value of Open House. Perhaps they should have those at the end of the school year. It seems like there would be a lot more to go over at that point. We used to always have ours the first week of school.

Tara R. said...

I hope you all enjoy your downtime.

Florinda said...

We're going to Disneyland next weekend. The kids have an in-service day next Monday, and next Sunday is my birthday (holy moly, I'll be 45 in a week!), so we're heading down there Saturday and making a mini-vacation out of it.

Glad that spring break is giving YOU a bit of a break too!

Kori said...

Ah, sounds like your spring break was better than ours, for sure! :)

Anonymous said...

Kicking off spring break in the Happiest Place on Earth - I love it! Disneyland is super fun. Can't wait to get back.

jenn said...

Hooray for alone time!

And what a cool way to start spring break.

Anonymous said...

There are margaritas at Disneyland?! Oh my holy hell, you mean I've needlessly suffered through It's A Small World sober?